Pastured Chicken Legs Whole

Store Chicken -Big Bluff Ranch Pastured Chicken Legs Whole
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Pasture-raised and great for roasting or stewing, these whole chicken legs come with the bone in and the skin on.

 Legs 2 X1.35 - 1.49 lbs.$20.28 Sorry, out of stock.
 Legs 2 X 1.26- 1.34 lbs.$18.74 Sorry, out of stock.
 Legs 2 X 1.15 -1.25 lbs.$17.48 Sorry, out of stock.
 Small 2 X 1. - 1.14 lbs.$15.38 Sorry, out of stock.
 XSmall 2 X.85 - .99/lbs.$13.28 Sorry, out of stock.

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We have built a relationship with Big Bluff Ranch in the Shasta Cascades to bring you pasture-raised chicken with tremendous flavor. A sustainable family farm that goes back two generations, Big Bluff Ranch has been raising poultry with a holistic approach to both animals and the environment for over a decade. Allowed to roam free and forage after 3-6 weeks of brooding, Big Bluff chickens are never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

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